Floating Oak Staircase near Bath

The client approached and commissioned Valley of Bath to build a feature staircase for his newly renovated house, he supplied us with the enclosed photo and asked if we could match the contemporary styling and material.

Firstly as the staircase was of floating design with a single turn in its length we had to make the staircase structurally capable. We did this by laminating 3 layer of 18mm ply together and introduced a steel spine in the main staircase carcase, this was then completely overlaid using European oak boards with joints on every edge to give it a contemporary clean feel.

After completing the staircase we were then commissioned to lay all the flooring in the property to match the staircase, including a bespoke European oak plinth for a roll top bath in the bedroom suite!

The budget requirement for this type of bespoke staircase would be in the region of £15k.